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We are delighted to welcome you to the Green Rubber Toys website.

At Green Rubber Toys we manufacture rubber toys that are completely safe to use and which are manufactured using a natural material, latex, that contains no harmful ingredients, either for people or for the environment.

Our products are made from latex that is harvested from rubber trees in Sri Lanka in a completely natural process. They are individually handcrafted in Sri Lanka by very skilled craftsmen using age old techniques – yes, they are made by hand! The result is a very attractive rubber animal that can be used as a toy or as an ornament and which is very soft and flexible to the touch and beautifully painted with non-toxic paint. These are products that are environmentally sensitive, they support sustainable forests, they are educational and, last but certainly not least, they are loads of fun!

As the name of our Company suggests, we are very keen to be a “GREEN” company by showing our concern for the conservation and improvement of the environment. We are committed to considering environmental impacts, health issues and benefits and energy conservation.

This website is for the use of retailers, distributors and importers who will re-sell our products. If you are a consumer wishing to purchase some of our lovely products please email a message to us at the address shown on this page and we will advise the location of the nearest retailer to you.

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