About Us

The Green Rubber Toy Company Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of natural rubber toys which is dedicated to offering a wide range of natural rubber toys for children and other animal rubber products for all ages. We are committed to producing toys of high quality that will provide fun and enjoyment for a long time. To achieve these aims we have established a manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka, near its capital Colombo. Sri Lanka offers both a plentiful supply of natural rubber and offers high class craftsmen who have been making toy and craft items by hand for a long time. Their commitment and ours is to offer to the world products of high and enduring quality.

We aim to deliver our products to buyers anywhere in the world as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. Depending on your needs and requirements, we can deliver:

  1. By FCL (full container load) on an FOB basis, either 20ft. or 40 ft;
  2. By LCL (less than a full container load) on an FOB basis;
  3. By air courier.

Orders can be delivered anywhere in the world quickly.

Please feel free to make inquiries about freight or about any other matter at your convenience by email at sales@greenrubbertoys.com.

We are constantly developing new products and making new moulds to bring our new products into reality.

In addition, we are happy to consider any request to make special products exclusively on an OEM basis